Wheel Building, Phil Wood Spoke Machine

Wheel Building, Phil Wood Spoke Machine

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Since 1974, the Phil Wood Company has manufactured more than 2,000 of their signature spoke cutting and threading machines. Described by many as *the* ultimate tool for bike shops or home mechanics who want the best. A wonderfully engineered instrument. With one motion, which takes about a second, a spoke is sized to length and threaded. An incredibly durable, versatile tool capable of manufacturing up to 100,000 spokes per each set of threading dies in 15 gauge, 14 gauge, 13 gauge, and 12 gauge sizes.

The Phil Wood machine is capable of cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, anodized, and powder coated spokes. Butted and aero spokes can be cut and threaded on the full diameter portion of the spoke. Please be sure to thoroughly clean your machine and dies after cutting and threading powder coated spokes.

The threading dies that accompany the machine have two surfaces for cold forging rolled threads onto a spoke. If properly maintained, each surface can roll up to 60,000 spokes, for a total of up to 120,000 spokes on a single die set. When cutting and threading standard spokes, some die sets have reached upwards of 160,000 spokes. Lubrication with Phil Tenacious Oil is recommended during the cutting and threading process, applied to the dies every 20 - 30 operations.

Other terrific spoke machines are available, including those by Cyclus, Hozan, Kowa, and Morizumi. But none can match the five-decade always-made-in-USA history, the one-step cut-and-thread simplicity, nor the ability to quickly change between 4 different spoke gauges without the need to change threading dies.

Expensive? Without a doubt. Worth every penny? Unequivocally.

Availability? Generally within two to four weeks. If a custom color for your Phil Wood spoke machine is requested, an additional two to four weeks might be necessary.

Accessories Included with the purchase of a New Spoke Machine:

Spoke Holder - Long
1.8mm Setup Spacer
2.0mm Setup Spacer
Spoke Gage & Length Measure Scale
6” California Bicycle Products Group Scale
Spoke Cutting & threading Machine Manual
Hex Wrench Set: 1/4, 5/32, 3/16 and 5/16
Eye Goggles
4oz Bottle of Phil Tenacious Oil
16oz Tub of Phil Hand Cleaner

Additional Accessories that can be purchased for your Spoke Machine:

Spoke Machine Vice Mount Assembly
Spoke Cutting & Threading Tray
Straight Pull Spoke Holder
Spoke Machine Dust and Dirt Cover
Spoke Cut Off Guard
Short Spoke Holder
2.3mm Setup Spacer
2.6mm Setup Spacer

Standard color in stainless steel, additional colors (blue, red, green, purple, gray) are also available for an additional charge.