UPS Shipping Fee to Hawaii and Alaska

UPS Shipping Fee to Hawaii and Alaska

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Beginning in October 2020, multiple spoke orders shipped via USPS to Hawaii and Alaska were lost in the postal system. In more than 5,000 shipped spoke orders over many years, not a single order had been lost by the USPS.

Why now? Covid, the election, something else? No idea, and the Post Office has unfortunately not been helpful in identifying the cause, nor in preventing it from happening. All Sunny Spoke orders are accompanied by a tracking number. The tracking information for the affected Hawaii and Alaska orders shows that they make it to an interim postal sorting facility, then nothing. To date, not a single missing Hawaii/Alaska package has been located despite multiple traces and claims.

To address this problem, all orders to Alaska and Hawaii are now shipped by UPS. The cost of shipping via UPS is more expensive than by USPS. As such, this fee is added to all Hawaii and Alaska orders. This covers part of the shipping by UPS, but not the entire cost. In some cases, the actual shipping cost could be three times as much. As just about every spoke order has a unique weight (based on type of spoke, length of spoke, and number of spokes), the arrival at a flat-rate fee seems the most simply option.

A long way of saying, "This is why there's a UPS shipping fee for Hawaii and Alaska orders."